Our attitude

Our attitude

What is important to us


We support companies in shaping the future. The focus is on the people in your company, who form both your current and future potential. We listen to you and ask you questions to understand. A lot is already being set in motion. We call this b!z® company movement (UnternehmenBewegung®).

With our know-how and experience from many years of supporting organizations in a wide variety of roles, we know which inspirations are effective. Our offer to you: We initiate and accompany your development and adaptation process.  We create space for future-shaping ideas. Our b!z® Anchoring Management (Verankerungs-Management®) guides you through the phases of learning, practicing and anchoring. So that you will be supported by us: from inspiration to new automatisms.

Purposeful and non-demonstrating

We are happy to ask you a lot.

Why is this so important to us? On the one hand, because we want to understand and get to know you and your context. The context is crucial in order to proceed purposefully and appropriately. On the other hand, because you deal with yourself in this way. One of our customers summed it up: “What I appreciate about you is that your questions are purposeful and not demonstrative.”

In doing so, we have the future design (ZukunftsGestaltung) of you and the organization in mind. We are always cautious, favourably and purposeful. Business is made by people – that’s our focus.

Another component is our LPP – LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER, which we use on request to support individual personality development.

Listening to understand

As long as you talk yourself, you don’t learn anything!

We listen to you!

With all concentration and affection. For us it is essential to understand where you come from, where you are and where you want to go. Through our questions you may already come up with new thoughts yourself. We get to know you and your motivation. And also the context in which you are involved.

This deep understanding and sustained exchange with each other creates mutual trust – the basis for taking the next appropriate step. Because you have your WHY? as well as that of others. This creates dynamism, motivation and desire for development and adaptation.

Right in the middle of it instead of just being there

For us, understanding your situation is essential. Where are you right now and what problems do you have? You may ask, ‘Can’t you be told that?’ Yes – you can!

We expand the perception by an essential aspect: to experience and understand you in your everyday life. We are then right in the middle of it. In short: You want to understand WHY something is this way or that? We work out the causes with you through our b!z® anchoring management (Verankerungs-Management®)! Once you have understood them, the direction changes. 

True to the motto: If you want others to move, start with yourself first!