b!z® Verankerungs-Management®

We move everyday life

b!z® Verankerungs-Management®

We move everyday life

Why b!z® Verankerungs-Management®?

We ourselves have experienced it often enough in our roles as employed managers, how trainings/workshops that took place every few weeks trigger euphoria at short notice. In the medium to long term, however, there is no sustainable development and/or adaptation of people and organizations to the new circumstances.

We asked ourselves WHY this is so. And we continued to ask ourselves why top athletes don’t just train every few weeks and that’s enough to play in the Champions League.

Adapting habits to new circumstances requires a cautious, benevolent and goal-oriented approach that above all takes up the context in which people or organizations stand and enables the next appropriate development step through mutual trust.

Understanding and accepting adaptation and, through our support, losing the fear of it or taking these fears seriously. This developing deep understanding of one’s own motivations and the connection with those of others sets company movement (UnternehmenBewegung®).

We are right in the middle of it instead of just being there. What does that mean? We support in everyday contexts – from jour fixes, management rounds to projects – and inspire people to try new things.

Learn, practice, anchor! These three steps are indispensable to change the culture as a result in a company, an organization or yourself on the basis of small adjustments.

Once the strategy is in place, the adaptation process starts in your company. It is important to turn those affected into participants during the first steps. Why is it so important to repeatedly explain to everyone why this needs to be done now? Only after being affected does participation arise and then follows: What do we do now with whom and when? How do we make the change agile and enlightening? On this way we support you and steer together through the rough sea and ensure the anchoring. We have a roadmap that we will adjust when we have understood the reasons for this together with you. Because life is always faster than any plan. Openness, communication and transparency are the keys to success. True to our motto: LÜV – learn, practice, anchor!


Learning, practicing and anchoring in your company takes place through a clearly formulated, step-by-step comprehensible and individually tailored path into the future. Everyone with you knows why you have to do what, when and what the next suitable step looks like. For this purpose, we use the basics of agility so that the organization can set itself in motion and thus develop evolutionarily.

CULTURE refers to the effect of all customs and habits as well as values and ideas that arise in a community through action, reaction and interaction and are adopted into the community as new “rules” through communicative comparison. This is a constant process.

In the context of companies, one can speak of cultural development when influential persons and/or ideas initiate the direction of this adaptation, accompany it and pay attention to its anchoring in everyday life.

That is, simply put, CULTURE is always the RESULT of something:

  • of people/ideas/things that have already been done before
  • of people/ideas/things that are usually creative
  • of people/ideas/things that contribute to culture.

Changes from the outside therefore also require a change from within, namely a cultural development in organizations. The decisive factor is that each affected person determines the individual WHY? understands and accepts its future role in the overall context.

Our attitude at b!z® to CULTURE in companies is fundamental:

  • fit
  • targeted
  • evolutionary

Cultural change and development together with you and your team – that’s what we would like to initiate in your organization: Always carefully and step by step – because the things that shape your corporate culture take time to live as new habits!


We answer the basic questions with you:

Why should my company still exist in the future? What do my customers want from me in the future, what does the market expect? How can I consciously take the first steps in a new direction in order to learn, practice it and then anchor what I have learned?

We accompany you and your company on this important process for a successful path into the future.

Once you have clarified the WHY of your company, we are happy to develop new business areas, services, products or what it needs with you. Together we decide WHAT suits your company and design a picture of the future WHAT it could look like. And then we get to work with you and implement it so that you can inspire your customers.

Our start with you:


We want a careful building of trust with you and all those affected!