b!z® Caas®

Our know-how for you

b!z® Caas®

Our know-how for you

What is b!z® Company as a Service®?

We are experienced managers of the first and second level with different disciplines and have developed the concept “b!z® CaaS – Company as Service®” for you.


In our professional practice, we repeatedly stated the following from his own concern in the context of business developments:

  • managers are missing in some, other or many places
  • executives who could then be found did not appear with the same attitude.

The result: short-term friction losses have set in.

What do we do?

We are at your disposal – as a team and as an individual manager:  

  • If you are a start-up in the process of building your company.
  • If there are vacancies, politically explosive topics or organizational developments in areas that need a neutral view.


How do we proceed?

We will talk to you and explore the first suitable step together!

Why Business Process Outsourcing at all?

As part of our diverse projects, we have experienced that a company identifies in an area with certain core contents and core activities, such as sales, quality management, HR, etc.

Your company also has certain characteristics that it is particularly good at and that it wants to have occupied. With our core competencies, we can complement your company – with the help of BPO.

Our goal is to successfully implement your projects with the help of project management – with care and passion. Our strengths lie in the overview, planning and implementation. We ensure that everyone involved is on the same page and work closely with you as a customer to achieve your goals. Thanks to our experience, we can identify and tackle challenges at an early stage.

Every project has the chance to be successful if it is planned and carried out with care and commitment.

Vacancies often arise within the framework of joint projects, e.g. when something new has to be set up, or vacancies already exist. We support you and your company in filling b!z® managers who step in on an interim basis. If necessary, we can also fill several positions at the same time with our TeamInterim. As a well-rehearsed team, we are quickly effective.

Our support service – whether in projects or as an interim manager – is designed from the outset to see us as part of your company during this time. Following our motto “right in the middle of it instead of just being there”, we think along and lend a hand!

At the beginning, we gather the necessary information, get to know all the players and clarify the task and expectations of us in order to get started. This is important in order to be efficient and effective at the back.

Our further action depends on the respective requirements of the organization and the market in which we operate.

Our start with you:


We want a careful building of trust with you and all those affected!