What sets us apart

What sets us apart

With our goal-oriented, yet cautious and purposeful approach, we set companies, organizations and people in motion. This is b!z® company movement (UnternehmenBewegung®).

baruschke!zimmermann was founded in 2019 by Alexander Baruschke and Axel Zimmermann. Our passion is to be right in the middle of it instead of just being there. We take on functions, coach on-the-job or establish suitable processes. We see ourselves as future shapers and cultural developers.

We come into the company from outside. We take a holistic look at your organization. We ask questions and think about the next appropriate step. We do not come with ready-made solutions, but involve you and your entire organization from the beginning. We want your trust and care about your sustainable success!

Long-term and sustainable will to succeed

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Support in finding and implementing solutions in the entrepreneurial environment is our passion. We always act on the basis of our values and for the benefit of our customers, employees (m/f/d) and our company. According to the maxim, life is always faster than any plan, we avoid unnecessary planning and control. For us, sales are based on trust and resilient relationships. We will not let the biggest crises throw us off track. Because we know that we have to work for tomorrow’s success today.

Benevolent cooperation


We treat each other benevolently and trust each other. We do not judge and let the other be as he (m/f/d) is. We respect each other with all our idiosyncrasies. We support each other and with what we do best. We want a quality in the encounter. Together we create more from our individual qualities. We appreciate simplicity (KISS principle – Keep It Simple & Short).

Creativity & Experience

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We are courageous and ready to constantly break new ground and rethink the tried and tested. We go our own way, whether right or weird. We sometimes think the other way around and let our creativity run wild. This is how we achieve our success. We always ask ourselves “WHY”. Our experience helps us to shape change positively and also to recognize and appreciate the pain. And if an ostrich farm comes out at the end, that’s a good thing. The main thing is that she is well prepared.



Each of us is who he (m/f/d) is without having to prove or justify anything. We have our own mind and our own opinion and we bring it to the table. What we say, we do and we radiate. But science stings. Insights and facts play an important role for us. We recognize an exception as an exception and do not make a rule out of it. Life gives us the freedom to shape it ourselves. We create the framework for this with our company. And they use it to try everything out for themselves.